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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Some Things Just Bring A Tear To Your Eye

Commenter McMartin points us to this beautiful piece of White Girl in Trouble News. It's too damned perfect.

And yes, I know updates have been sporadic. It's because life's goddamned busy. Hopefully I can update more soon, but really, time is better spent at a strip club than worrying about it overly.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Today's blogging time was eaten up by Liberal Masturbation With Alcohol, always known as Drinking Liberally. More will come tomorrow.

But in the meantime, here's a joke: What does Bush think of Roe v. Wade?

Answer: He doesn't give a fuck how you get out of New Orleans.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Maybe Getting Sodomized With A Microphone Isn't Enough For Bill O'Reilly

Eric Alterman watches Fox Nooz, and gets this tidbit:

Bill O'Reilly, deaf and blind to the obvious class implications of the pre-flood exodus, speculated, "A lot of the people who stayed wanted to do this destruction" and wondered why "looters" were not being shot on sight.
I'm just waiting for this demented, ranting, spitting, jackass with the ability to put forward the most idiotic fucking ideas as if they were perfectly reasonable to start eating kittens in a valient effort to raise his share already. It's coming soon!

He also spots Fred Barnes making Richard Baker look like a sane son of a bitch, as opposed to a fucking insane tidbit one just removed from one's ass over the course of a rather violent and bloody shit: "They know they're going to flood. And when these things happen, they want the taxpayers all over the country to pay, and they do."

Almost makes me glad I don't have cable.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Speech Away

Doghouse Riley has what seems to be the best response to Bush's speech, so go read.

Worst TV Ever

So over the past few days, I caught part of the Senate Judiciary Committee's hearings on John "Peppermint Patty" Roberts. And dear sweet god, was it painful. It's not just that one got nothing out of substance between Senators prattling and Roberts' refusal to answer any questions on the grounds that he's not as mindblowingly stupid as Antonin Scalia. It's not even that, watching it, one would think that Roberts' only personality trait is that he's humble. It was more like trying to watch a boxing match that you don't have money on and where you know the better prizefighter is going to either go down in the 5th or he's going to have his balls cut off: pathetic, sad, and frustrating.

Cause, see, on Tuesday, you had Joe Biden refusing to let Roberts answer his questions, knowing that not only was he not going to, but that it wasn't going to matter a whit anyway. Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein were reduced to stating that they just don't know how they're going to vote, and how they really just wanted to get to know John Roberts the man, who is apparently so very, very, very humble (his judicial philosophy also consists of "I'm humble"). Schumer also had a spectacular ramble about movies and how some people liked Casablanca on Wednesday that highlighted the completely irrelevance of it all, and how it's just a formality on the road to Bush's packing the Court. Ted Kennedy? He talked about Katrina.

But, oh dear god, the Republicans were even more idiotic than is their norm. Lindsey Graham used some of his question time to ask John Roberts why we as a nation won't support our President in this time of national crisis. Tom Coburn, well, he did the crossword, cried, and asked if the opposite of being dead was being alive. And so on, and so forth, just as it always was.

I think I'd rather have watched Survivor. At least that game's not rigged. Here, it's like watching porn with the word "anal" in the title. You know there's going to be some assfucking. It's not even an issue of when, it's going to happen soon, and it's going to happen a lot.

Though, if we could vote Senators off the Judiciary Committee, it would be a massive improvement. It might, in fact, be the best reality show ever. Can't you just see it? And now, I need to run, but later, I'll post my order of who should get voted then.

But mind you, it will be void of specifics, it will refuse to commit to anything, it will be irrelevant, it will go on and on at length about irrelevant things, and most of all, it will be humble, because it's related to the Judiciary Committe's hearing of John Roberts, and you have to write your subject.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


I was going to post tonight about labor, etc, but jesus fuck, it's been a long day. So that'll have to wait. Tomorrow morning, though, delayed reflections on the Roberts hearing, or why the Judiciary Committee would be a lot more fun to watch if we could fucking vote Senators off at the end of every session.

Surprisingly enough, Coburn wouldn't be the first one off if I had my way.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Just A Quick Question

Whose goddamned idea was it to put Tom Coburn on the Judiciary Committee, and why hasn't their head been put on a pike yet? This is a man who asked a Supreme Court nominee today if the opposite of being dead is alive.

And why the hell did Roberts pause before answering that question?

Monday, September 12, 2005

Freedom Day And Other Things

Jesus shit and goddamn, am I still riding my Freedom Day high. I wasn't able to attend the hoedown of a Freedom Walk, but man, would I have given anything to commemorate our "freedom." If there's one thing George Bush's America has taught us, living here and being able to speak our minds and practicing our own religion isn't celebrating our freedom, unless we're sacrificing by shopping and stuff. Any more fun and they'd have to call it a Freedom Rave, complete with X-using bitches liquid dancing. Getting serenaded by Clint Black, seeing Donnie Rumsfeld, being out there with a few thousand other freedom lovers who all pre-registered online...nothing says "spontaneous celebration of freedom" like that, does it? I know the first thing that came to mind were historic events like King's March on DC or Vietnam Veterans Against the War's DC protest. Ok, ok, enough sarcasm. DrPepper over at the Daily Pepper finds himself reminded of Robespierre's Festival of the Supreme Being.

Digby had previous referred to this as the "Triumph of Will" march; Billmon compared it to tributes to Fearless Leader. Of course, he meant in North Korea, but that seems a perfectly apt name for Li'l Bushie the Pilot. And truly, isn't that what was being celebrated here? This band of assclowns (and, why yes, they are no talent) that didn't come close to closing out the Taliban or cornering Osama bin Laden through their own ineptitude? That banked so much on our troops drowning in thrown flowers and sweets by the Iraqi populace that they forgot to do a little thing like "securing the country" or "winning hearts and minds"? That has done all they can to use the Constitution as toilet paper here at home while being apparently unable to forsee one of the most obvious natural catastrophes that was facing us? Shit, this isn't Triumph of the Will, it's Triumph of the Moronic Inept Jackasses Who Couldn't Guide Their Penis Into An Open And Willing Pussy. I suppose that doesn't acronym nicely, though.

Jesus shit and goddamn, what a day Freedom Day was. There's nothing like a good dose of Orwell to liven up American society, is there?

Other things from last weekish:

1) Kanye West is a fucking badass. Finally, here we have a man who's not worried about saying shit. It's not the whole story that George Bush doesn't care about black people, sure, but this ain't a class issue. In 2000 and 2004, the Republican Party didn't try to disenfranchise poor white voters. There are a good number of Republicans -- not all, not most, but a good number -- who would rather screw themselves then give money to help blacks. Abortion isn't the only reason poor whites support the Republicans, y'know. Race is a part of the issue. Let's not be goddamned Marxists.

So yeah, we can talk about if Kanye is right or not til the cows come home. But he's gonna make us talk, just like he's gonna make rappers talk about how their attitude towards gays is not all that different from people's attitudes towards blacks 50 years ago, or even to a good extent today. That Kanye's doing something right should be evidenced by the fact that his mike didn't work at a later telethon, while he was trying to perform "Jesus Walks." If you like rap, Kanye's new album is a triumph, go buy it. If not, go buy it anyway to make up for one offended white suburban soccer mom who cares more about someone saying something he knows is inflammatory to express himself than someone like Faith Hill not even considering that what she does might be offensive.

2) Rehnquist kicking the bucket: I only have one thing to say about this. It should've fucking happened six years ago. And now, we go through replacing Sandra Day O'Connor again. Lovely. Maybe this time it'll be horsewomen of the right-wing apocolypse Edith Jones.

I can't say I hope he had a comfortable death. Though, still, Rehnquist is preferable as Chief Justice to Roberts: he was less of a nutjob, and wasn't completely a partisan hack.

Tomorrow's post'll be on the sorry state of the labor movement in this country.